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Lesson Plans:
Mrs. Jackson's Morris Farm Alphabet Book Site
Morris Farm Alphabet Book Comments Page 

If you write to us we'll write to you! E-mail Mrs. Jackson's Class.
We've had 55 email messages as of June 4th, 1999. Thanks!

We post all our e-mail messages on our bulletin board in our classroom.

We hope you enjoy reading some of the comments about our site. We love reading them.


Wow! What a site you have made. I am a principal of an elementary school in Cahokia, Illinois. Can you find us on your map? I am going to share your web site with my first grade classes.

Mrs. Barr, Principal, Penniman Elementary School, Cahokia, IL 62206



I was glancing through the Classroom Connect when I came upon the farm article in the Kids' Corner. I have a soft spot in my heart for Wiscasset so I had to stop and look at it (also it was a great article and a GREAT site and project!) I will use your ideas to start a project like this at my school next fall! I am technology coordinator at a large (1200) elementary school in Charlotte, North Carolina.

More importantly, the soft spot comes from my family's association with Wiscasset and the Chewonki Neck. My now 18 year old daughter spent the spring of '97 at Maine Coast Semester of the Chewonki Foundation. Betteryet my 16 year old son will be attending the fall semester come this September. I remember the trip up to get Kristin in May of 1997. I loved the area and Kristin and I hope to return for the fall Harvest Dinner at

Thanksgiving time when Brian is there. I hope you have a nice summer and maybe when can "do" a project or something this fall.

Kae Roberts
Technology Specialist
McKee Road School-A NC School of Excellence


What a WONDERFUL website you have. Your pictures from Morris Farm are spectacular! Using the Internet for a project like this is perfect. I am the Technology Coordinator for a small school down here on the North Shore of Boston. My school has 470 children in grades K-6. Our kids love their computer classes as I am sure you do. I have a home on Westport Island that I have been coming to for 50 summers! My grandfather built the house almost 100 years ago. I have been by Morris Farm many times on the way to the dump (recycling center:-). Now you have made sure I will want to stop in and take a look.

Again, great job.

Paul Brooks Clark, Technology Coordinator, Manchester Memorial School, Manchester MA, Adjunct Lecturer, Lesley College, Cambridge MA.



I hope all is well with everyone next door at Wiscasset Primary School! I'm curious about the farm-fresh egg sales--how did the eggs sell last week? Any interest in having a supply of eggs available on a regular basis at the school? If so, let me know and I'd be happy to bring them over!


Christine James, Executive Director, The Morris Farm Trust


I loved your Alphabet book. It was simple, loaded quickly and was very clever! Good job to all! 

Cindy S. Morus, Phelps Creek Personal Computing, Microsoft Office User Specialist


To Mrs Jackson's Class

I have been to visit your wonderful web site and thought it was extremely well presented. I loved looking at the super photographs of Morris Farm. I have worked in web site design and think that you have all worked very hard to produce a very professional site. I live in Scotland and the Internet makes it possible for me to visit other countries from the comfort of my living room!

Well done!

Andrea Murphy, Diamark Consultants Ltd, andym@diamark.com


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