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TeachNet Everywhere Grant: WHO (am I) WHAT (do I want to do) HOW (do I get there from here)

Project URL:


How it works:
The purpose of this unit is to introduce students to a growing self-awareness that enhances their ability to make career choices that are sympathetic to their skills and joy, resulting in a better sense of what kind of college they should apply to. My target audience is primarily first-generation college students. Research and reflection are incorporated that will help them deal with family and social pressures. Students will determine several resources and home/community/school connections that will help them achieve their goals.

Curriculum Objectives:  
Students will be able to: (1) Brainstorm ideas using mindmaps, drawing, writing, small group discussions and large group discussions; (2) Develop questioning skills; (3) Find answers using technology and developing connections with community/home/school resources; (4) Develop research skills by conducting an in-depth project and managing and analyzing information; (5) Utilize a portfolio that demonstrates their research reflections and thoughts during the process of "WHO, WHAT HOW."

This unit addresses state and national standards in the areas of reading, writing, technology, presentation, collaboration, and careers.

This project has 23 log assignments, giving students a major project to keep track of, and many stops along the way to analyze their findings either as reflections or Power Point presentations. Students keep track of their logs in a log checklist at the beginning of their portfolio. The Power Point presentation is a significant indicator of how much knowledge a student has gathered, analyzed, and synthesized. Students share what they have learned in reflection writings that evolve around what they knew before they started this research, what they know now, and how they can apply this learning to their site.

Overall value:
My students have been very involved in this project, as it is all about them, and their research revolves around life questions and challenges. This project has provided me with a reason to be in the computer lab every week, with a focused activity. Students can be in different places, but by referencing where they are in their log assignments, they can move forward wherever they are at. The HOW component is very significant, as it is primarily focused on solutions to perceived challenges to going to college. Students get a chance to put their fears out there, and search for answers.
Instead of feeding students questions, I believe it is important for students to develop skills in creating their own questions. Students are provided with many opportunities to reflect on what they think, their questions, and their strengths and resources.

Jeanne Walker Ehrich

About the teacher:
Jeanne Walker Ehrich is an Art Specialist at the Simpson Academy for Young Women, a public high school in Chicago.


Subject Areas:
Business & Careers
College Prep

Grade Levels: 



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