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: Develop as a Professional
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How To: Develop as a Professional
How To: Adjust Your Teaching Styles to Students' Learning Styles
How To: Work with Students' Families

Have a question or suggestion about developing as a professional?
E-mail Theresa.

Theresa's articles on developing as a professional:

NEW Using Self-Directed Learning to Prepare Students for 21st Century Thinking and Living

NEW What To Do If My Students Aren’t Getting It

Preparing for the New York City School Quality Review

If You are Fortunate Enough to Have a Paraprofessional What Should You Do?

ELL in a Monolingual Classroom

Brain Research

The Power of Background Knowledge

What if I'm Absent?

Motivating Students to Learn

Norms Make the Difference

What Are They Thinking?

Sponge Activities

Focusing on Standards to Guide Our Practice

Cooperative Learning: Preparing students to take their place in a democratic society

The Benefits of Progress Monitoring Our Students

Ending the School Year

Collecting and Using Data to Inform Planning and Instruction

The Impact of Mentoring on Our Professional Learning

Meaningful Independent Reading – What Does it Take?

Thoughtful Instruction That Supports Test-Taking

Conducting Effective Parent-Teacher Conferences

Creating Student Work Folders that Reflect Growth and Learning

Relax, Refuel, Renew, Reflect and Plan

Teacher As Facilitator

Planned Student Engagement

The Power of Small Group Instruction

Preparing for Tests - Teacher and Student


To-Do Lists for Professionals

How Can Guest Speakers Support Student Learning in Your Classroom or School?

Ending the School Year Smoothly

Building Community in Your School

Building Content Knowledge

Planning with Focus

Professional Resources

Reflecting on Your Practice to Improve Student Achievement

Professionals as Problem Solvers

Planning, Organizing and Managing Your Learning Environment

Maintaining YOUR Professional Posture

Are You in the Zone?

What Have You Read Lately?

The Power of Passionate Professionals

An Action Plan for Growth and Success

Using Data to Organize for Effort

How Can Teachers Help Students Monitor and Assess Their Learning?

Assessment: Getting to Know Them

Motivate Your Students and Don’t Forget to Motivate Yourself

Can We Talk? Professional Conversations at a Glance in Three Collaborative Processes

Read! Read! Read!
A Professional Imperative for Effective Teachers

Other articles by Theresa:

Brain Research and What Teachers Should Know About the Differences In Boys and Girls as Learners

Meeting the Needs of Every Student with Differentiated Instruction

Using Kidwatching in the Assessment Cycle to Energize Your Classroom

Everyday Mathematical Games: Are Our Students Working or Playing?

Everyday Mathematics (K-6) in a Workshop Model: Making the Paradigm Shift for Effective Instruction

Other articles on developing as a professional.

Helping Your Students Cope with Tragic Loss
Sharon Pettey-Taylor

Grant Writing Tips--Part I
Ed Clement 

Grant Writing Tips- -Part II
Ed Clement

Reclaiming Your Life
Julie Dermody

Connect With Your Students
Marianne Francone 

National Board Certification - Process and Rewards!
Kathy Granas

Handle Citations
Pat Haughney

Burnout: The Cure
Gairre Henry and Sharon Pettey-Taylor

The AVID Program in Chapel Hill, NC
Judy Jones

Judy Jones

Being a Positive Force
Judy Jones

Relating to Your Students
Judy Jones

Making a Practice of Reflection
Judy Jones

Preparing a Professional Portfolio
Judy Jones

Assessing Your Year
Lisa Peterson

Liberating the Imagination
Sharon Pettey-Taylor

Recurring Self-Reflections
Sharon Pettey-Taylor

Burnout: The Cure
Sharon Pettey-Taylor with Gairre Henry

Beyond the One-to-One
Sharon Pettey-Taylor

How Fashion Impacts Teacher Confidence
Sharon Pettey-Taylor

A New Paradigm of Professionalism
Sharon Pettey-Taylor

Not to Lose Heart
Cynthia Carbone Ward

Theresa London Cooper has been an educator for the New York City Department of Education for seventeen years, during which she spent eleven wonderful years in the classroom teaching children in grades kindergarten through five. Her desire to support teachers, especially new teachers, has been a long-standing passion that led her to adult education. Presently, she facilitates a UFT Teacher Center. As a professional developer of six years providing in-class support to teachers as well as professional development sessions, she enjoys the best of both worlds assisting teachers.


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