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How-To Articles: Classroom Management
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View Instructional Videos for Teachers about Classroom Management

Classroom Management (Secondary)

A high school science teacher demonstrates how her structured and routine-based classroom environment is the key to success.

Classroom Management (Elementary)

An elementary school teacher guides us through her daily classroom routines and shows how consistency and structure are essential.

Classroom Management through Cooperative Groups

View two elementary school teachers demonstrate how they engage their students through group work to help them learn.

Charlene's articles on
How to Manage Your Classroom

Have a question or suggestion about how to manage your classroom? email Charlene.

NEW Gifted Hands – Part 1: A Small Group Discussion

NEW Gifted Hands – Part 2: A Teacher’s Perspective

NEW Inspiration in Writing

Online Resources on Bullying

Online Resources on Character Building

Online Resource on Conflict Resolution

A Multicultural Look at Inspirational Resources During Black History Month

Safety on Class Trips

Getting Educated About Better Nutrition

End-of-Year Goal-Setting for Students, Early Childhood and 3 - 5

Black History Inspiration

Affirmations to Success

Manifesting Strengths and Interests

Career Digging to Students’ Strengths

Tapping into Students’ Strengths

Character Education through Lessons in Etiquette

Shifting Behavior through Engagement in Civic Projects

Toward Better Choices: Analyzing Popular Culture

Some Thoughts on Achieving Breakthroughs with Boys in Today’s Classroom

Addressing Classroom Management Through Literature

Using the Chancellor’s Discipline Code in Grades 4-12

The Basics of Classroom Management

Achieving Holistic Classroom Management

Other articles on classroom management

Preventing Cheating
Ed Clement

Teaching a Rule or Routine
James E. Dallas

Establishing Productive Record Keeping Practices
James E. Dallas

Gaining Respect in the Intermediate Grades
Julie Dermody 

Preparing for a Guest Teacher
Julie Dermody

Creating and Enforcing Rules
Marianne Francone

Gaining Respect
Marianne Francone 

Implementing a Student Self-Management Program
Marianne Francone 

How to Get Organized
Bonnie Glasgold

Pets in the Classroom
Bonnie Glasgold

Rubrics Rule
Bonnie Glasgold

Setting Up a Hands-on Science Center or Classroom
Bonnie Glasgold

Minimum Expectations
Bonnie Glasgold

Creating a Balanced Literacy Library
Bonnie Glasgold

Creating a Meaningful Contract for your Class
Benna Golubtchik

Managing Non-Routine Days
Benna Golubtchik 

Managing Your Classroom Using Environmental Cues
Benna Golubtchik 

Creating and Enforcing Classroom Rules
Kathy Granas

Gaining Respect
Kathy Granas

Other articles on classroom management (continued)

Learning to Love The Crowds: A Hallway Pass for Teachers
Rebecca Hollander

Keeping Order in a Three-Ring Circus or Managing the 7th Grade Class
Rebecca Hollander

Organizing Your Day as a New Teacher
Rebecca Hollander

For the Love of Poetry
Carolyn Hornik

Assertive Discipline
Carolyn Hornik

Project-Based Learning
Carolyn Hornik

Homework Planning
Carolyn Hornik

Digital Storytelling
Carolyn Hornik

How Am I Doing? Assessing Student Progress
Carolyn Hornik

Peer Editing
Carolyn Hornik

Dealing with Bullying
Carolyn Hornik

End of Term Procedures
Carolyn Hornik and Bonnie Glasgold

Creating a Class Web Page
Carolyn Hornik

Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse
Carolyn Hornik

Communicating With Parents: Parent Teacher Conference
Carolyn Hornik

Overcoming That Stressed-Out Feeling
Carolyn Hornik and Bonnie Glasgold

Fun & Learning Summer Experiences
Carolyn Hornik

Funding Our Classrooms
Carolyn Hornik

Managing a One Computer Classroom
Carolyn Hornik

Student Activity Web Sites
Carolyn Hornik

Setting Up Rules and Routines
Carolyn Hornik and Bonnie Glasgold

Developing a Management Style  that Embodies Consistency, Respect and Caring
Linda Kasarjian

Completing the School Year End of Term Procedures Successfully
Arlyne LeSchack

Managing Your Class When Many Students Are Reluctant Learners
Arlyne LeSchack

Managing Your Classroom Effectively
Arlyne LeSchack

Classroom Management, A to Z
Sharon Pettey-Taylor & Gairre Henry

Making Positive Connections with Students BEFORE It's Too Late
Nancy Powell

Assessment and Management Rolled into One!
Nancy Powell

Encouraging and Fostering Good Attendance
Nancy Powell

Meditative Minute:  One Way to Start Class
Nell Scharff

Earning Respect
Cynthia Carbone Ward

Charlene Davis is a K-8, Literacy Coach in Brooklyn, N.Y. and has been teaching, and staff developing for many years.  She has a love for helping teachers take new risks to reach higher goals!  She experiences the greatest thrills from seeing youngsters “get it” and become confident about their abilities to achieve!   
She has taught second and third-grade, and often assists teachers with topics ranging from Balanced Literacy, to Classroom Management.  She intends to never forget what it was like to be in the classroom, and therefore, is unafraid to pitch in wherever needed…whenever possible. 

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