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Luzviminda "Luchie” B. Canlas has been teaching for over thirty years, during which she spent twelve incredible and enlightening years in the NYC elementary schools teaching children in grades one through six. She is currently a member of the NYC Regional School Support Team where she serves as a catalyst for growth and change by helping provide information, professional development and technical assistance to districts and schools.  She is part of a team that helps ensure that all students are provided with the opportunity to meet the state’s challenging content and performance standards. Additionally, as a member of the UFT Teacher Center Mathematics Team, she regularly provides training and professional support for administrators, math coaches, teachers, and paraprofessionals to deepen their content knowledge and increase their repertoire of effective instructional strategies. She is also an adjunct professor of mathematics for the NYSUT-Education and Learning Trust. Her passion for teaching and learning drives her to continue to help educators craft their skills to build capacity.


Luchie's articles on teaching math:

NEW Helping Students Become Fluent in Mathematics

NEW How to Tier Math Lessons

Creating Open Questions- One Way to Differentiate Instruction In Mathematics

Successful Problem Solving in Mathematics

Asking Mathematics Questions that Count

Effective Mathematics Vocabulary Instructional Strategies You Can Count On (Part 1)

Effective Mathematics Vocabulary Instructional Strategies You Can Count On (Part 2)

Teaching Mathematics with the Brain in Mind

Have a question about teaching math? E-mail Luchie.

Articles on teaching math:

Breaking the Language Barrier in Mathematics
Tobey Bassoff

Everyday Mathematical Games: Are Our Students Working or Playing?
Theresa London Cooper

Everyday Mathematics (K-6) in a Workshop Model: Making the Paradigm Shift for Effective Instruction
Theresa London Cooper

Math Games Using ManipulativesLisa Kihn

Teaching a New Way to MultiplyKatherine McNeil

Helping ELLs Tackle Math Word Problems
Sarah Picard

Teaching Kids How to Work with a Math Partner
Sarah Picard

Helpful Tips for Your Students’ Parents
Sarah Picard

Talking to Parents about Struggling Mathematicians
Sarah Picard

Tips for Parents: Talking to Your Child's Teacher About Mathematics
Sarah Picard

Websites That Will Help Your Students Practice Their Math Skills
Sarah Picard

Creating Summer Math Tool Kits
Sarah Picard

Field Trips Motivate Mathematicians
Sarah Picard




Search for Math Grants

Infuse Your Choice Time Centers with Mathematics
Sarah Picard

Infuse Mathematical Thinking into Your Classroom Library
Sarah Picard

Creating a Math Word Wall to Support Writing About Mathematical Thinking
Sarah Picard

Manipulative Dos and Don'ts
Sarah Picard

Teaching Your Students to Use Manipulatives
Sarah Picard

Organizing Your Classroom for an Independent Math Workshop
Sarah Picard

Teaching Our Youngest Mathematicians to Think About Their Thinking
Sarah Picard

Creating Math Portfolios
Sarah Picard



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