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Looking for a science activity? Try Science to Go.

Natasha Cooke, a National Board Certified Teacher, is the Science/Math Specialist for the Children's First Network #4 servicing twenty-one schools. She taught science for ten years and was the Science Coach at P.S. 282 in Brooklyn, NY. She also is an adjunct professor at CUNY: Brooklyn College where she teaches elementary science education, biology, and chemistry, and inquiry-based science courses to pre-service teachers. Currently, she is pursuing her doctorate in Elementary Science Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research focuses on the impact and connection between teachers of science and informal instituions, such as museums. As a TRUST alum from the American Musuem of Natural History, she encourages all teachers to never stop learning! Action research and professional development is a way to keep growing. Her favorite motto is "You learn something new everyday!"

Have a question or suggestion about How to Teach Elementary Science? 
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Natasha's articles on teaching elementary science.

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Web Mentor Judy Jones writes about teaching high school science. Here is a sampling of her articles.

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Why Not Create A WebQuest This Summer?


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