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WebMentors Teacher Helpline: NYC Helpline: How To: Incorporate New Media into the Classroom
How to Home
How To: Use New Technology to Reinforce Instruction
NYC Helpline: Incorporate New Media into Your Classroom

Web Mentors Teachers Helpline

Pamela's articles on incorporating new media into your classroom!

NEW Digital Story Telling

NEW Timeline Using Timetoast

Blogging Using SEEdebate

Using Google Earth to Research Human Rights

Creating Digital Cartoons

Using Wordle™ as a Pre-Writing Tool

Researching Primary Sources Online

Peer Editing Using Google Documents

Using flickr.com in the Classroom

Have a question about incorporating new media into your classroom? E-mail Pamela.

Select Grade-Appropriate Software
Rand Briggs

Keep Students From Losing Computer Work
Ed Clement

Use Compensating Technology With Special-Need Children
Ed Clement 

Select Software
Patricia Haughney 

Make Transparencies 
Paul Hewitt 

Use Social Studies Links to Enrich Your Curriculum
Paul Hewitt

Creating Classroom Podcasts
Allisyn Levy

Incorporating Technology into Poetry
Allisyn Levy

Creating Multimedia Class Projects
Allisyn Levy

Documenting Your Year with iPhoto
Allisyn Levy

Integrating SMARTboard into Your Teaching
Allisyn Levy

Integrating Online Videos into Your Classroom
Allisyn Levy

Grant Writing - Quick & Relatively Painless
Allisyn Levy

How To Upgrade Your Overhead to a Document Camera
Allisyn Levy

How to use the Internet for Student Research
Peggy Maslow

Locating Resources to Improve Your Technology Skills
Peggy Maslow

Dealing with Filters and Firewalls
Peggy Maslow

Set Up Clear Expectations
Peggy Maslow

How to Use a Discussion Forum on Nicenet.org
Peggy Maslow

Working with Images on the Internet
Peggy Maslow

How to Publish Student Work on the Internet (Part Two)
Peggy Maslow

How to Publish Student Work on the Internet (Part One: Why do it?)
Peggy Maslow

Liberating the Imagination
Sharon Pettey-Taylor

Reach an Audio Learner with MP3 Files
Nancy Powell

Use New Media to Teach the Uninvolved Student
Nancy Powell

Using Excel to Help You Organize Student Data Vanessa Thrash

If you visit Ann Stephenson's page on technology here's a sampling of what you'll find.

Start the Year Off Right

Practically Speaking

Brain Surgery

Designing a Writing Lab

The Ongoing Battle

Technology Foundations

Setting Up Classroom Computers

Pamela AuCoin has taught world history, government, and German for the New York City public schools for the past seven years. She has facilitated workshops on integrating technology  into the curriculum, and homework best practices. She has also been a member of the TeachNet Institute. Her favorite part of the job is the creativity of lesson planning and interdisciplinary collaboration. She welcomes questions and comments from fellow educators.


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