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Have a question or suggestion about teaching early childhood literacy?
E-mail Stephanie.

Stephanie's articles on teaching early childhood literacy

(NEW) Designing Center Activities

(NEW) Getting Started with Literacy Centers

Teaching Young Learners to Cross Check Using Guess the Covered Word

How to Do a Word Wall

Using the Language Experience Approach to Build Confidence in Early Readers

Articles on getting started with early childhood literacy.

How to Teach Non-Fiction Reading and Writing
Miriam Bissu

How to Plan for a Successful End to Your School Year
Miriam Bissu

How to Use Error Analysis in Reading Instruction
Miriam Bissu

How to Plan Mini-Lessons for Writing Workshops
Miriam Bissu

How to Get Started in Writing Workshop
Miriam Bissu

How to Conduct Parent-Teacher Conferences
Miriam Bissu

More Management Tips for Guided Reading Groups
Miriam Bissu

How to Get Started in Early Literacy With Read Aloud
Miriam Bissu

How to Help Struggling Readers
Miriam Bissu

The Pros and Cons of Heterogeneous Grouping
Miriam Bissu

Author Study:
Vera B. Williams
Miriam Bissu

How to Group for Guided Reading
Miriam Bissu

How to Manage Guided Reading Groups
Miriam Bissu

Make sure to visit Lisa Peterson's page on teaching literacy.

Articles on getting started with early childhood literacy (continued).

How to Conduct Guided Reading Lessons
Miriam Bissu

How to Use Shared Writing to Teach Writing Skills
Miriam Bissu

…Those first few weeks using shared reading
Miriam Bissu

Use Assessment Data
James Dallas

Establish Productive Record Keeping Practices
James Dallas

Break the Ice
Marianne Francone

Think Through Planning Your Curriculum
Kathy Granas

Create an Interdisciplinary Unit for Elementary School
Pat Haughney

Make the Home-School Connection at the Beginning of the Year
Lisa Kihn

Get to Know Your Students on the First Day
Lisa Kihn

Learning Centers in the Early Childhood Classroom
Julia Millin

Guided Reading
Julia Millin

Charts in the Classroom
Julia Millin

The Classroom Library
Julia Millin

Helping Parents Get Ready for Summer Reading
Sharon Pettey-Taylor

Create a Fall Bulletin Board
Lottie Simms

Assess Student Writing
Cynthia Carbone Ward

Survive That First Day
Cynthia Carbone Ward

Stephanie Bartell is the Academic Director of Galapagos Charter School in Chicago. GCS is a K-8 elementary school which serves a population of over 90% low income families. Stephanie was instrumental in designing the literacy program at GCS and works in her current role to support instructors in all academic areas. Formerly she taught grades K-3 as well as worked as a Literacy Coordinator and Reading Coach at several different schools in Chicago. Stephanie has a great deal of experience supporting teachers in their professional development. She leads study groups, facilitates workshops, and moderates online professional communitites both for the teachers at her school and around the country.

Stephanie has a B.S. in Elementary Education from Loyola University Chicago and a M.A. in Reading at Northeastern Illinois University.

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