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Teacher Grants: TeachNet Power to Learn

Egyptian Expedition (Word document)

As part of a curricular unit on ancient Egypt, students use the Internet, text resources, and word-processing skills to develop a research presentation on specified topics and a bibliography. Additional Students scan relevant text photos for insertion in their presentation.

Subject Area
Social Studies, Language Arts

Grade Levels


  • Students will learn about ancient Egypt
  • Students will learn how to develop bibliographic references
  • Students will research topics using multiple resources and different forms of media
  • Students will practice/hone oral presentation skills

Internet Used
The Internet is utilized to

  • reinforce research skills
  • assist in honing skills in identifying valid resources
  • show students what is required in bibliographic development
  • develop correct bibliographic references - assist students in location of accurate photos relating to the topic.

Materials Used
A computer with Internet access is required. Ideally, students would learn to use scanners as part of this assignment and scan relevant photos from text covered over the course of the unit. It would also be ideal to video students as they present their research as "Egyptian experts" and convert the video to CDs that can be sent home to parents.

Address Standards
NYS Social Standards: Students use a variety of intellectual skills to demonstrate their understanding of major ideas, eras, themes, developments, and turning points in world history; their understanding of the geography of the interdependent world in which they live; and their understanding of how the U.S. and other societies develop economic systems and establish governments. NYS English Language Arts Standards: Students listen, speak, read, and write for information and understanding, critical analysis and evaluation, and social interaction - Students read and listen to oral, written, and electronically produced texts and performances from literature; relate texts and performances to their own lives; and develop an understanding of the diverse social, historical, and cultural dimensions the texts and performance represent.

Please refer to rubric for specifics. In addition, students are expected to maintain a deliverable due date organizer.

Students Involved
The students are a heterogeneous population of mixed ability. Groups were identified simply for research topic organization and movement through topics. No special skills are required, although familiarity with the Internet, text usage, and notetaking is a plus.

Teacher Tips
Students are requested to bring in index cards at the onset of the unit. The Egyptian Expedition packet is distributed at the onset of the unit. The packet is downloadable through the teacher’s web site for students who misplace their copy. A Schoolnotes link (free!) is used to set up hyperlinks for appropriate web sites for research. A link to Noodletools for bibliographic reference development is also included. Brainpop offers a short but comprehensive bibliographic development presentation.

Overall Value
While this unit relates to ancient Egypt, it can be adapted for any grade level or topic. It contributes to student learning on a multitude of levels: Students learn bibliographic skills and hone word processing, research, note-taking, and oral presentation skills. If a camera is utilized, students work on videotaping and editing skills.

Viri Pettersen

Viri Pettersen is an award-winning sixth grade Social Studies teacher and eighth grade Research Strategies teacher at South Side Middle School, located in Rockville Centre, New York. As a former programmer, she has consistently integrated the use of technology in many curricular aspects of her classes. She is active in New York State Teacher Centers and has designed, taught and evaluated online activities in education.



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