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Ready-Set-Tech: Celebrating Black History Month
Celebrating Black History Month

This project was developed to teach children how to create a PowerPoint presentation. Specifically, students learned how to create slides with emphasis on background, text, pictures and animation. Students also learned about slide transition. Students were given the task of creating a PowerPoint presentation celebrating Black History Month. The teacher demonstrated how to conduct research on the Web, and also showed students how to cut and paste text from the Internet into their presentations. Students animated their presentations with sounds and motion. Students also included a bibliography of Web sites visited.

The Internet was used to support content as students surfed for Web sites that offered information that pertained to their respective topics. Students also located historical photographs and documents to bring their presentations to life. Students can take the skills used in this unit and apply them to other topics.

Steven Blum

Steven Blum is entering his eighth year as a teacher at P.S. 205 in Bayside, NY. He has a Master's degree in Educational Technology and he enjoys teaching computer skills to his students in grades K-5. He also holds computer courses for teachers. Steven is currently pursuing his second Master's in Administration. He plans to some day become a school principal or to hold a regional technology position.

Steven is married and has a two year old son.



Technology, History

Grade Level: 3-5

Time: Approximately 5-7 class periods, depending on prior technical skill and number of computers per child.

Materials: Computers with Internet access, Microsoft PowerPoint, and a projector for presentations






Students will:

1. Create a PowerPoint presentation using graphics, text, and animation.

2. Learn to use the Internet to research topics.

3. Access historical photographs and documents to enhance learning.


Web sites:





#1: After the slideshow is complete, teach a lesson on ACTION BUTTONS. Have the students create slides with ACTION BUTTONS that allow the viewer to click on buttons that hyperlink to fellow classmates' presentations. The students will love linking their presentations together!

#2: ACTION BUTTONS can also be used to link the viewer to web sites to learn more about a particular aspect of the presentation. Have students attach hyperlinks to photographs and text with instructions that if they are clicked, you will learn more information about the topic. More information is literally at their fingertips.

#3: Another function of ACTION BUTTONS that can be taught is how to hyperlink to another slide within the presentation. The presenter should include various slides that go into more depth on the given topic and give the viewer the option of clicking on links to other slides, or skipping over them. This allows the presentation the ability to reach a diverse audience.

#4: ACTION BUTTONS can also be directed to streaming video that supports aspects of the presentation. The following web site: www.unitedstreaming.com has thousands of educational videos for use in the classroom. It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If this is true, then just imagine the value of video... Enjoy!

Sample project saved into a word document: CLICK HERE



  • Students pose questions, seek answers and find solutions.
  • Students access information using appropriate technology.
  • Students apply technical knowledge and skills to design and create.
  • Students use intellectual skills to demonstrate understanding of our country's history.
  • Students will demonstrate understanding of major ideas, eras, themes, turning points and important people in history.




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