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Ready-Set-Tech: Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

This class had an early lunch period - 9:50 a.m - making it necessary to have a snack time in the afternoon. It became evident that few children really knew what healthy snacking (and healthy eating) meant. Through this Internet project, students will complete four tasks: construct a food pyramid, obtain information about serving sizes, find a recipe for a healthy snack, and create a day's menu filled with healthy choices.

Students then take their new information and create a poster to share with family and friends. This unit can be completed at school or at home, following an introduction to the concepts of informed choices and healthy eating. Many of the links in this site are interactive, so students can have fun while important concepts are reinforced. A rubric is provided for them to evaluate their own work.

Hilary Sedewitch

Hilary Sedewitch has been teaching for 15 years at the elementary school level.  This September she began a new phase in her career with a move to middle school.  She is currently teaching science to sixth grade students at Intermediate School 230 in Region 4, Queens, New York and runs the school's website.



Health, Literacy

Grade Level: 3-6

Time: 2 weeks

Materials: Internet connection; paper and art supplies, and a printer (optional)





Students will:

1. Learn that they can make healthy food choices now.

2. Understand that "eating healthy" requires knowledge and planning.

3. Make changes in their eating habits.

Web sites:



1) The Food Pyramid Game

2) Dole 5 A Day Web Site

3) Kids Health Recipes

4) Nutrition Explorations - Feed the Monster!

Overall value:

Students are excited about using the computer to work either independently or in a group. The lessons to be learned about how daily choices can affect the rest of your life are meaningful and long-term. Many children have very little knowledge about the relationship between food and health. This is also a great project to increase parent involvement.


Applied Learning

The student will . . .

  • Design a product which fulfills a need
  • Take responsibility for a project from start to completion
  • Use information technology to conduct research and to make a presentation
  • Complete a project which focuses on helping other people learn

English Language Arts:

The student will . . .

  • Read and comprehend informational materials
  • Produce a report of information
  • Prepare and deliver an individual presentation
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the rules of the English language in written and oral work
Additional: Prior to this Internet project, the students participated in several classroom lessons based on the book The Edible Pyramid by Loreen Leedy. They worked together to make a healthy snack, which was featured in the Newsday FutureCorp section in the paper last fall.


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