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TeachNet NYC: Lesson Plans

You Want It! We Got It!

Project URL:

How it works:
In this unit on market research, students begin by watching an introductory video from United Streaming. They create and conduct consumer surveys, analyze the results, and graph them in a spreadsheet. They draw conclusions from the results and illustrate them in a PowerPoint presentation. Based on their conclusions, the students brainstorm and "create" a product that surveyed consumers would be willing to "buy". They design posters and write a slogan for their product, and also storyboard and videotape a commercial. For uncommitted high school seniors, this exciting business experience can also illustrate a possible career choice.

Standards addressed:  
Students display interpersonal communication skills; understand the role and impact of marketing; and learn how external factors influence marketing decisions. They read, write, listen, and speak for information and understanding, and for critical analysis and evaluation. They demonstrate how academic knowledge and skills are applied in the workplace and other settings; demonstrate mastery of the foundation skills and competencies essential for success in the workplace; and access, generate, process, and transfer information using appropriate technologies.

Materials used: 
Required materials include a computer with Internet connection; Inspiration, Excel, PowerPoint, and word processing software, a computer projection device; and a digital video camera.

The students:
This project is suitable for 8th grade students who have taken business classes or have produced videos before, and is intended for high school students, especially seniors. Students should be able to graph results in Excel and create PowerPoint presentations. Cooperative groups should also have a member with artistic inclinations.

Overall value:
You Want It! We Got It!
has something of everything. It utilizes a streamed movie and has students experiencing the same things a market research analyst does. Students work together interactively and cooperatively, and communicate effectively to each other and their audience. They create surveys, make presentations based on their findings, and develop and market a product of their own creation. This program is a great real-world experience in business and marketing.

Get students motivated and thinking about market research analysis as a possible career choice, especially if you are teaching this unit to high school seniors. When designing their surveys, students should think in terms of what area their product might be placed, such as clothing, perfume, jewelry, vehicles, etc. Have students read the market research links provided to help them formulate ideas and draw conclusions. Videotape television commercials and show them to students before they videotape their own commercials.

About the teacher:
Anthony Salcedo is laptop coordinator at the Mott Hall School, the first inner city public school to start a laptop program. He was a keynote speaker at the Microsoft Laptop Summit 2000 in Seattle, Washington, and has presented at numerous technology conferences around the country. He has received recognition from three superintendents for his achievements, is a certified NFTE instructor, and has worked as a translator in the Caribbean for the United Nations. He was an
adjunct instructor for NYU and Mercy College and is in his 12th year of teaching in the New York City public school system.


Subject Areas: 

Grade Levels: 


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