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TeachNet NYC: Lesson Plans
Vincent van Gogh  

Project URL:


How it works:

1. Students will use computer technology as a resource to learn about the Post-Impressionist artist, Vincent van Gogh. 
2. Students will analyze and interpret van Gogh's painting "The Starry Night". 
3. Students will create a line drawing entitled "Scary Night".

What you need:

Teacher Steps To Prepare

1. Teacher preparation of web sites to be used as reference. 

2. Gather visual resources. 

3. Print lyrics of "Vincent" by Don McLean.

Student Activities

1. Students will use world wide web to gather research information and acquire photos of van Gogh's works. 

2. Students will read, review and discuss a short history of van Gogh's life entitled "Forces of Nature". 

3. Students will compare and contrast van Gogh's works and the relationship of the song "Vincent". 

4. Students will investigate the role of van Gogh's relationship with his brother and his series of mental illnesses. 

5. Students will analyze and interpret "The Starry Night". 

6. Students will create their own emotional interpretation of the Halloween season, entitled "Scary Night" utilizing van Gogh's brushstroke with the art medium craypas. 

Assessment Methods:

1. Class discussion 

2. Short quizzes 

3. Reading comprehension assignment 

4. Oral interpretation of poetry 

5. Peer review and evaluation of work. 

6. Classroom critique

Standards Addressed by This Unit:

1. Students will apply their understanding of art history to their own work. 

2. Students will respond to and analyze works of art. 

3. Students will create a work of art in a variety of art mediums.


Vincent van Gogh is best know for his vibrant use of color and swirling brushstrokes to express his emotions in his painting. His brother, Theo, was a deep inspiration and driving force throughout his short life. van Gogh painted for only 10 years and produced over 200 works of art. He never sold a painting while he was alive.

Related Links:

1. http://vangoghmuseum.nl/  - a visit to the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam 
2. http://vangoghgallery.com/  - posters of van Gogh paintings 
3. http://artmuseum.net/  - a virtual reality visit through van Gogh's paintings "The Yellow House" and "The Bedroom" 

Lori Langsner has been teaching fine arts in the NYC school system for the past 20 years. She currently teachers at I.S. 24 in Staten Island, New York and is a TeachNet Project Mentor.

E-mail: LoriArt00@AOL.com 

Estimated Class Periods To Complete: 10 or more
Subject: Arts
Subject 2: English
Beginning Grade Level: 7
Ending Grade Level: 7



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