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Open for Business: Get Ready for HS Internships

Project URL:

How it works:
“Open For Business: Get Ready for HS Internships” gives the students the opportunity to discuss fears and expectations of the work world, and prepare themselves for internships.

The purpose of the Internship is to
• Link successful school habits and work ethic to a practical work experience
• Understand the connection between school, work and achieving goals
• Develop and apply work habits and skills in a real-world setting
• Focus on possible career interests
• Understand the culture of the workplace and learn to interact with co-workers
• Get a broad understanding of a business or occupation
• Connect work and learning at school with the work place
• Inspire students to become active citizens and members of the work force

Standards addressed:  
Life Work:
Makes general preparation for entering the work force
Displays reliability and a basic work ethic
Working with others

Materials used: 
Required materials include access to the Internet, word processing software, printer, paper, pen and pencils.

The students:
The 12th grade students at the Institute for Collaborative Education, a small 6-12th grade NYC public school go on internships during their final 2 cycles (February – June) in High School. The Senior Interns work four days a week in real world situations related to possible jobs and professions they might want to pursue after college.

Overall value:
“Open For Business: Get Ready for HS Internships” helps students prepare for entering the work force through the use of guided discussions, Internet resources, and prepared worksheets. The skills and experience acquired through the internship period can be applied to future employment.

As a working professional who has gone through the trials and tribulations of finding and maintaining a job, you have tremendous insight into the anxieties and concerns of future interns. You might find yourself identifying with the students and often reflecting and questioning on your own professionalism and practice. Be objective, empathetic, encouraging and exemplify professionalism.

About the teacher:
Meryl Meisler wears many hats at the Institute for Collaborative Education in NYC. She is the Internship Coordinator, Admissions Director and teaches art at this small progressive school. Meryl has received a Disney American Teacher Award in visual arts, serves on the Teachers Network Board of Directors, and is a consultant to the Whitney Museum’s online learning department while being an accomplished in her own right.


Subject Areas: 

English Language Arts

Grade Level: 




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