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TNLI Cases

TNLI MetLife Fellows explore education from their unique, classroom-based perspectives. Our research has been action-research based and has focused on the following professional development areas:

Action Research: Impacting Results
by L. Kelly Ayers and Megan Garnett, TNLI Mason (VA)

All Students - One School
by Cara Shuckett, TNLI New York City

Are You In or Are You Out?
by Erica Litke, TNLI New York City

The Balancing Act: Effectively Meeting the Needs of ALL Students and Teachers
by Anokhi Saraiya, TNLI New York City

Beyond the Test
by Elizabeth Gil, TNLI New York City

The Case of Alicia and Kids Like Her
by Kelly Escueta Ayers, TNLI Fairfax County (VA)

Cautious Hope and Chronically Failing Kids: What is the Answer?
by Leslie Jirsa, TNLI New York City

Click here for a full pdf version!

Collaborative Learning Communities
by Deborah Q. Seidel, TNLI Fairfax County (VA)

Culture Sensitivity Training
By Brenda Gonzalez, TNLI New York City

The Dilemma of Choice
by Elizabeth Frank, Brent Freecia, and Linda Hand, TNLI Delaware

Do We Really Want Parents Involved?
by Shandowlyon Hendricks-Williams, TNLI Milwaukee (WI)

Do You Lose When You Choose?
by Abby G. Hludzik, TNLI New York City

Falling Through the Crack in the Gap
By Connie S. Parsons, TNLI Sacramento (CA)

Getting All Families Involved
by Megan Bender, TNLI New York City

Growing, Cultivating, And Nurturing Successful Relationships
by Peggy Gordon, TNLI Miami (FL)

by Mike Richman, TNLI New York City

High Stakes for Low Scores? Is this Improving the Quality of Teaching and Learning?
by Joanie James, TNLI Wyoming

“I Hate School”
by Oranne Lee, TNLI Santa Barbara County (CA)

In the Wake of “No Child Left Behind”
by Mary Post, TNLI Santa Barbara County (CA)

In Whose Best Interest?
by Audra Vanderland, TNLI New York City

Is Another Year Worth It?
by Karen Ramirez, TNLI New York City

Is It Worth It?
by Peggy Gordon, TNLI Miami

Leaving the Minorities Behind
by Patti Ward, TNLI Miami / The Ed Fund (FL)

A Matter of Reflection or Evaluation?
by Elizabeth Gil, TNLI New York City

Marching On, Marching Off… Retaining our Teachers
by Anokhi Saraiya, TNLI New York City

Mastery or Progress? The Standardized Testing Debate Comes To The Classroom
by Barbara Condliffe, TNLI New York City

Meeting the Needs of Students—It’s More than Just Your ABCs
by Elizabeth Gil, TNLI New York City

Octopus or Frazzled Juggler?:  The Challenge of Teacher Retention
by Susan Gold, Sara Falls, Claudia Haas, Peter Hippard, K.E. Hones, and Virginia Marshall, TNLI San Francisco

One Student at a Time: The Fight Against Alliteracy* in High School
by Connie S. Parsons, TNLI New York City

Pedaling as Fast as We Can and Getting Nowhere!
by John T. Kreinbihl, TNLI Gainesville (FL)

Que paso...What is happening here?
by Linda Bledsoe, Gemma Cabrera, Sharon Crossen, Denise Snyder, and Whitney Price, TNLI Delaware

School Reform and Teacher Collaboration
by Maureen Connelly, TNLI New York City

Something Has to Give
by Amy Kopchains, TNLI New York City

The Third Way: A Concept of Mentorship
by Jason Wagner, TNLI New York City

There’s a Boy in the Girls Bathroom
by Tadashi Dozono, TNLI New York City

A Time of Test
by Laura Thompson, Karen Rabik, Chris Mclean, Sherlynn Aurelio, Susan Edgell, TNLI Delaware

To Be or Not to Be… Reading
by Richard A. Gadsby, TNLI New York City

Unintended Consequences of No Child Left Behind
by Chad Kirkpatrick, Chicago (IL)

What Diploma Are You Worth?
by Terna Tilley-Gyado, TNLI New York City

When Did We Stop Calling Him Billy?
by Mildred Batiste, Lorraine Caputo, Marsha Evans, Tom Koliss, Travis Moorman, Esther Roberts, TNLI Delaware

Where Do We Go From Here? ¿Adónde Vamos?
by Holly Link, TNLI San Francisco (CA)

Where Is Our Art?
by Meg Burns, TNLI Chicago (IL)

You’ll All Look Good on Page 39 (or else!)
by Susan Gold, TNLI San Francisco (CA)

A Year and a Day
by Reema Marji, TNLI New York City


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