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TNLI: Action Research: Policy and Practice

what we've found.

Completed Research Projects

Elementary School
arrow Wyoming Elementary Teachers’ Perceptions Concerning the Effect of NCLB Accountability Mandates and High-Stakes Testing on Their Instructional Practices by Joanie James
This research study accesses the perceptions of first- through sixth-grade elementary teachers in Wyoming concerning their opinions of the NCLBA and high-stakes standardized testing.
arrow Breakfast & Book: The Importance of Making Home-School Connections
by Nicole Nadeau
Child's Play: An Argument for Recess by Miya Hirabayashi
Accountable Talk by Denise Watson (pdf file)
Play Matters by Susan Courtney 
Trouble in Paradise: A Study of Who is Included in an Inclusion Classroom by Rachel Zindler
Student Discussions in the Social Studies Classroom: An Action Study by Nora K. Flynn

Cross-age Peer Tutoring & Service Learning by Joseph Gottschalk and Joseph Rafter

Middle School
arrow In Search of Connectivity: How Authentic Learning with Technology
Engages Middle Grade Students
by Suzanne Martinez
My students undertook an effort to make school administrators and politicians aware of the digital divide in school communities in Chicago.
"Gimme that school where everything's scripted!" by Marika Paez
Breaking the Code: An Action Research Study of My Role as an Instructional Facilitator by Lara Goldstone
Journal of the Rochester Teachers Association, Linking Students to a Curriculum That Isn't Linked to Them by Jeremy L. Copeland
What Students and Teachers Say about Inclusion and Achievement by Sheldon Applewhite (pdf file)
Why Do Bad Test Scores Happen to Good Students by Lisa Peterson
Evidence of Understanding in an 8th Grade Classroom by Matt Wayne
High School

A High School Inclusion Program: A Deeper Look by Cara Shuckett
Having the opportunity to work once again with the same students has given me a unique perspective on their growth and has led me to the question: How is the inclusion program meeting the needs of my students?


What Happens Next? Mott Haven Village Preparatory High School’s Class of 2006 in their First Year after High School by Dan Abramoski
This action research examines what a high school could, and should do, to better prepare their students for the transition from high school to college.

The Big Picture: Building Student-Teacher Relationships by Sara Falls
Educators across the country are looking at ways to address the achievement gap between low-income students of color and their more affluent counterparts, yet it is not enough to point out the inequity; schools must be looking at what we can do to address the needs of a diverse population.
Been There, Done That: Student Inquiry of High School Dropouts by Erik Shager (pdf file. Need Adobe Acrobat? Click here.)
Think Globally, Assess Locally by Janet Price
Adolescent Literacy by Carol Tureski

The Effect of Performance-Based Assessment on Student Achievement; by Janet R. Price&nbsp



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