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TNLI: Action Research:
Research On Education Issues

Teacher Preparation and New Teacher Induction

A Bill of Rights for Beginning Secondary Teachers by Gretchen Portwood
Beginning Teacher Induction: Collaboration for Success by Marcey Regan
Beginning Teacher Induction: The Roots of Success by Kristi Thomas
Familial Support in Education by Francine Johnson
Preservice Teacher Education: Increasing the Role of the Cooperating Teacher by Judi Fenton
New Teacher Support for All of California's New Teachers by Jerry Swanitz
The Retired Master Teacher as Mentor: Meeting a National Need by Tina Yalen

Ongoing Teacher Professional Growth

Peer Coaching for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning by Jean M. Becker
Policies to Enable Teacher Collaboration by Peter Dillon
The Power of Teacher Portfolios for Professional Development by Alice Hom
Time on Our Side: Flexible School Scheduling on the Secondary Level with Implications Teachers: A Significant and Vital Long-Term Investment by Margaret Hoyt
Professional Development in Technology: Where are the Teachers Being Trained? by Lexi McGill 
Keeping the "Profession" in "Professional Hours" by Sheri Scott 
Get on BOARD by Faye Wagoner
Policy for Effective Classroom Reform by Lynda Williams

Teacher Networks

Factors and Processes Necessary to Sustain Networks by Diana Y. Takenaga-Taga
Smoothing the Transition to a New Paradigm of Professional Development by Ken Barker 
Strengthen the Model, Nurture the Profession by Peggy Wyns-Madison 
The Teamin' and Theme-in Network and Collaborative Action Research by Ron Klemp
Toward a Growth Model of Teacher Professionalism by Ken Barker, Deborah Kagan, Ron Klemp, Sally Roderick, Diana Takenaga-Taga

Teacher Leadership in School Change

The Development of Power: A Tale of the Need for Teacher Development by Joseph Rafter 
Policy Recommendations for a Community of Voices in the 21st Century School Reform Process by Berta Berriz
The Power of Influence by Lambros Alex Pappas 
The Renewal of American Teacher Unionism by Leo Casey
Shared Leadership: School Autonomy and Teacher Accountability by Gwen Clinkscales
Teacher Professionalism and Leadership-Catalysts of School Reform by Carol Horn

Helping All Students Achieve Higher Standards

The Effect of Class Size Reduction on the Reading Instruction of Students in Santa Barbara by Linda Wiezorek
Familial Support in Education by Francine Johnson


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