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TNLI: Action Research: Professional Development

what we've found.

Completed Research Projects

Elementary School
arrow Wyoming Elementary Teachers’ Perceptions Concerning the Effect of NCLB Accountability Mandates and High-Stakes Testing on Their Instructional Practices by Joanie James
This research study accesses the perceptions of first- through sixth-grade elementary teachers in Wyoming concerning their opinions of the NCLBA and high-stakes standardized testing.
arrow Leadership by Design: How a Team Experience Shaped Teachers’ Views of Themselves as Leaders by Elizabeth Gil
If professional development is to be meaningful and valuable to teachers, it is necessary to know what teachers want to learn, from whom /how they want to learn it and give them a part in creating it.
arrow Looping, a Loopy Idea? by Candice Hopkins
Does looping increase student achievement? 
arrow "What's Going On in There?" by Denise Snyder
How does structured teacher collaboration influence student achievement?
arrow Keeping Them by Stephanie DeWitt
What can be done or needs to be done to improve special education teacher retention? 
Hand in Hand: From Isolation to Collaboration by Carmen Vargas
Finding the time to meet, share, and discuss issues around practice has been very difficult for teachers.
Job-Sharing: A Model for Teacher Leadership by Regla Armengol and Lisa Holm
The Early Literacy Club by Jane Ching Fung 
Teacher Talk: Collaborative Conversations About Second Grade Readers by Sarah Picard
Teacher Networks and New Teachers by Jane Fung
Middle School
arrow Getting To Know You: Teacher Collaboration and Pedagogy by Amber Moss
As a literacy coach in a secondary school, I was concerned with the way I communicated ideas about balanced literacy with English Language Arts teachers. Just explaining and demonstrating a lesson to a teacher didn’t mean that it was ever taught by the teacher in a classroom. 
arrow Mentoring to Save a Teacher by Esther Roberts
How does the Pathwise Induction Program lower the turnover rate among new teachers?
arrow The Peaks and Valleys of Teacher Retention and Readiness by Jean Miclette Are there times in which teachers are more susceptible to leaving their profession?
A Precarious Balance: How Can We Help Support New Teachers? by Rebecca Hollander & Nell Scharff
"Gimme that school where everything's scripted!" by Marika Paez
Breaking the Code: An Action Research Study of My Role as an Instructional Facilitator by Lara Goldstone (pdf file. Need Adobe Acrobat? Click here.)
Improving the Quality of Teaching by Penny Arnold
Why Do Bad Test Scores Happen to Good Students by Lisa Peterson

Building Connectedness: One Strategy to Improve Academic, Social and Emotional Learning by Kate Lewis

Rising to the Challenge of High Standard by Matt Wayne
High School
arrow Tearing Down the Classroom Walls: Analyzing the Effects of Interdisciplinary Team Teaching by Nicole Mirra
Does interdisciplinary collaborative planning and teaching affect students’ critical thinking skills and teacher creativity?
arrow The Henry Higgins High School Professional Learning Community: A Systematic Approach to Learning for Students, Teachers, and Our School by Denny Berry, Timothy Kane, and Jennifer Knox
How has Higgins’ professional learning community’s focus on the LOOP, our systematic approach to learning, impacted learning for all as evidenced by high stakes testing results and local assessments?
arrow Walkthrough Supervision by Helen E. Gieske
How does a policy of short, frequent visits by administrators affect student achievement?
arrow Working Collaboratively to Build a Learning Community by Lorraine Caputo
How effective are collaborative teaching models for student success? 
arrow All in the Family? A Look at New Teachers, Veteran Teachers, and the Environment at Howard High School of Technology by Cary Brandenberger
Does the state-mandated mentoring program help to retain new teachers?
arrow Shared Leadership: Effects on Teacher Practice, Professionalism, and Power by Emily Sintz
arrow Making Meaning through Written Response by Rosemary Barilla and Karen Dreyfuss
With great pressure on teachers to ensure that students perform well on standardized tests, teachers must be able to understand how different kinds of readers comprehend what they read.
Implementing Technology: A Study of the Effects of Teacher Training and Student Outcomes by Jerry Swanitz and Chris Mullin
From Theory to Practice: Making Networks Happen in Schools by Sally Roderick
Student Discussions in the Social Studies Classroom: An Action Study by Nora K. Flynn
The Queens Lesson Study by Janet Price


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