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: Getting Started
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NYC Helpline: How To Get Started

Judi's Articles on Getting Started

NEW Productive Group Work

Some Positive Steps to Starting the Year with Families

Conducting a Homework Survey

Using Data—Part 1

Where and When to Teach Rules and Procedures

Aligning Routines with Your Values

Making Writing Purposeful

The Power of Play

Building Community in Your Classroom Through Writing

Writing at the End of the Year

More About Norms

How (and Why) to Create an Interest Survey for Your Students

How to Use Think-Pair-Share to Increase Student Engagement

What Homework Controversy ...?

Moving Up?

Why Reflect?

How To Reflect On Your Year

Getting Kids to Write

How to Start the Year Off Right with Parents

Reflecting on the Year with Your Students

How to Not Get Overwhelmed When a Lesson Is Being Modeled for You!

Parent-Teacher Conferences Without (or with Less) Stress 

Some Management Tips

Using Chalk Talk in the Classroom

Setting Norms with Your Students

How to Reflect Through Writing

End Of Year Rituals For Teachers And Students

Managing Stress through Teacher Talk Groups

Professional Organizations for Teachers

How to Survive the Last 2 Months of the School Year and Come Back Again Next Year

Grants for New Teachers

New Teachers Learn about Teaching Through Collaboration

Getting Started: Tips From Experienced Teachers

How to Help Create a Professional Learning Community In Your School

Other Articles on Getting Started

Getting Started - How to Set Up an Effective ESL Classroom
Tobey Bassoff

How to Plan for a Successful End to Your School Year
Miriam Bissu

Setting Up Your Middle School Classroom
Rand Briggs

Getting Students to Take School Seriously
Ed Clement

Getting Your Room Ready
Terri Creamer

Establishing Productive Record Keeping Practices
James Dallas

How to End the Year While Planning for Next Year
Allison Demas

How to Prepare for Class Trips
Allison Demas

How to Use TransitChek
Allison Demas

Have a question or suggestion about how to get started?
E-mail Judi.

Other Articles on Getting Started (continued)

How to Complete the ATS Daily Attendance Form
Allison Demas

How to Complete the Medical Card Allison Demas

How To Complete the Cumulative Record Card
Allison Demas

How to Write an Anecdotal Report Allison Demas

Setting Up Your Intermediate Classroom
Julie Dermody

Energizing Your Classroom
Julie Dermody

Writing Report Card Comments
Julie Dermody

Breaking the Ice
Marianne Francone 

Getting (And Staying) Organized
Pat Haughney 

Setting Up Your High School Classroom
Paul Hewitt 

Orchestrating a Successful Laboratory Activity
Judy Jones

Planning an Exciting First Day for Your High School Classes
Judy Jones

Say No!
Judy Jones

Setting Up Your Elementary Classroom
Lisa Kihn

Implementing Book Projects
Lisa Kihn

Establishing a Positive Community Atmosphere in Your Classroom Through Team-Building Activities
Lisa Kihn

First Day of School Ideas: Door Decorations
Lisa Kihn

Survey Says...
Lisa Kihn

Getting to Know Your Students on the First Day
Lisa Kihn

Making the Home-School Connection at the Beginning of the Year
Lisa Kihn

Be Prepared for Anything
Nancy Powell

Exploring Your Neighborhood
Rosemary Shaw

Today in the News
Rosemary Shaw

Teach Your Class to Fly
Rosemary Shaw

Lots of Celebrating Going On
Rosemary Shaw

Creating a Fall Bulletin Board
Lottie Simms

Surviving That First Day
Cynthia Carbone Ward

Related Research Articles

"Gimme that Shool Where Everything's Scripted!" 
Professional development and 
one teacher's journey toward effective literacy instruction 
Marika Paez

Beginning Teacher Induction: Collaboration for Success 
Marcey Regan

Judi also writes on
How to Build a Community of Learners.

Judi Fenton

Judi Fenton has been working in NYC public schools since 1986. She was an early childhood teacher for fourteen years. She then became a site facilitator with the New Educator Support Team, a project that helped schools build their own capacity to support and retain teachers. After working as a mentor for three years in Region 9, she is currently an Instructional Specialist on an Empowerment Network Team.

Judi has worked with Teachers Network since 1995 on many projects, including the Teachers Network Leadership Institute which enables teachers to do action research in their classrooms and schools and communicate their findings to policy makers. She also teaches on-line courses. Her two daughters attend public schools.

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